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Pismo Beach, CA

2020 - Ongoing

Image by Daniel Garza

01/ Concept





Picture a beautiful ocean front vacation rental. You step out onto your balcony and hear the California ocean waves. Go outside and you're just teps to the downtown and right on the beach...but you don't have a website to showcase any of this.

Pismo Suites was in this exact situation. So, they contacted MK Consulting Firm. They were losing valuable bookings and money by not having a website; and not just any website, the most beautiful website possible. We worked with the Owner to take their ocean front vacation rental and showcase not only their units, but the spectacular coastline, restaurants, and beauty surrounding it.

Tell me a story visually

The Central Coast of California is one of Califronia's most beautiful areas. We wanted to showcase this on the Pismo Suites Vacation Rentals website. This allows for the user to not only plan their stay in these particular rentals, but to also fully immerse and picture themselves in the beautiful Pismo Beach area. This included showcasing there are so many activities for children, adults, concerts, beaches...A visual was also created for each of these activities. 

02 / Challenges


It’s no secret, that vacation rentals, particularly in California are everywhere. There is nevertheless a critical challenge to stand out and constantly grow your bookings. With their goals already going in that very direction, we identified they while among many others, we could make them capture guests' attention. We therefore aimed at finding the perfect approach. We know what is needed with beautiful vacation rental websites, so we took their units and designed the website to entice new and returning guests.


03/ Extras

Something Pismo Suites wanted was an availability calendar that they could update themselves. There are many options available, so MK Consulting Firm provided them with the best of the different compatible options.

They are able to fully manage their availability calendar, while continuing to have MK Consulting Firm manage the website separately. This allows for flexibility and convenience, as the calendar syncs with the website when they update it.

Pismo Suites - Professional Website Desi

04/ Grow & Upgrade

We help them grow continuously

The owner chose an initial recommended package and then upgraded to additional features. We added additional pages to best show the Explore option for the Central Coast's many areas and restaurants.


The new website launched right after Covid-19 pandemic began. We encouraged the owners to ensure guests were aware of their specific protocols when staying at their rentals with information on cleaning and more. We added a section on the top of the site displaying that information for the best user experience.

05/ Outcome

Yes, there continues to be an increase in the number of visitors and bookings. Best of all, the owners of Pismo Suites Vacation Rentals love the new website for their vacation rentals.


We have to say, we love it too.

Image by Tim Mossholder
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